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Sir Harry Heron Bart. d.1817

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:59 am
by Cy
I am struggling to find any family information on this officer. ... an&id=8414

His commission of 1762 refers to him as 'Sir Harry Heron', which indicates a noble family, and when superannuated as a rear-admiral in 1804 was referred to as a baronet.

However I can find no references to a Baronet with his name (There is a Henry Heron who died in 1749).

Any help greatly appreciated.


Re: Sir Harry Heron Bart. d.1817

Posted: Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:39 pm
by Navclio
Baronets were not nobles—they did not sit in the House of Lords and were eligible for election to the House of Commons. I think a baronetage has best been described as a "hereditary knighthood." It was socially more prestigious than a knighthood.

I got fucked over again by your system that wipes out posts when you try to post them—what a way to treat people who spend time trying to help you out!!. I had saved some of it but I’m not going to rewrite the whole thing. You’ll have to offset the convenience of that with the inconvenience of losing information you might otherwise have had.

(Rear-Admiral) John Hardy, A Chronological List of the Captains of His Majesty's Royal Navy (London: T. Cadell, 1784), 90, says that "Sir Harry Heron, Bart." was made post on March 13, 1782, by appointment as captain of Nemesis. That's too late for Charnock, and he's not in the indexes to Clowes, vols. 3-4, so he might not have had an active career after the "American War." Are you sure that the "1762" commission date isn't an error? That would make him a captain for 42 years before his superannuation. The large number of admirals appointed to the active list in 1804 (Clowes, V, 39) were in fact captains of 1782–83.

DNB only has Robert and Richard Herons and a Haley Heron.

A summary of what you trashed is that there was a Heron baronetcy in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, created for a Robert Heron and inherited by his brother Richard Heron, the Herons in the DNB. Cuthbert Heron and his son Thomas Heron seem were later descendants who died in 1825 and 1830 respectively. This baronetcy does not seem to have included a Henry Heron. The Maxwell baronetcy of 1683 became the Heron-Maxwell baronetcy in 1804. Another Heron baronetcy became extinct in 1729 with the death of Sir Edward Heron.

Bentham, Baronetcy of England has an index entry in vol. V for a “Henry Heron” that reads “i. 323” but there is no reference to him on p. 323 of vol. I, and everything else in vol. V is about the 1782 Newcastle-upon-Tyne baronetcy.

Bentham was published around 1803 but listed baronetcies chronologically by date of creation.

Re: Sir Harry Heron Bart. d.1817

Posted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:27 pm
by Cy
Unfortunately it's not 'my system' that causes you to lose a post, but server session time outs.If you take more than 20 minutes or there abouts wihtout doing something outside the edit box, you will lose your login status. Sorry, but nothing I can do about it.

A Baronet is a part of the English nobilty and you are correct in that it is hereditary, however it is not part of the Peerage and thus not entitled to sit in the House of Lords.

The commission in 1762 is as a Lieutenant not a Captain and the date is certain, taken from ADM 6 commission and warrant records, as noted on his page, and confirmed in Syrett & DiNardo. It's strange that nothing else is known though.

Other commission dates, 1777 as a Commander and 1782 as a Captain are directly from Syrett & DiNardo and have yet to be confirmed.