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Naval Officer at Leith

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 4:23 am
by Dean Morris
Hi been doing some new research for Leith Dockyard, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Officers of the Ordinary at leith

Naval Officer Leith
*1805-1814, Captain, George William Kingdom.

Source: Admiralty, Great Britain (January 1814). The Navy List. London: John Murray. p. 132.

* 1819-1828, Captain,John Day.
Sources: Admiralty, British (January 1820). The Navy List. London: John Murray. p. 121. Admiralty, British (December 1827). The Navy List. London: John Murray. p. 122. Admiralty, British, 1828, The Navy List. London. John Murray. p.122.

Hope this helps.

Re: Naval Officer at Leith

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 2:32 pm
by Cy

Thanks, but slightly confused by this.

Interestingly I have no record of either a George Kingdom or a John Day as captains in the Royal Navy.

In fact there's no record of a George Kingdom as a commissioned officer at all.

There is a John Day, commissioned lieutenant on 21 Dec 1808 and as a retired commander in 1846.

I've checked the 1814 navy list (corrected to Dec 1814) and there is no Kingdom listed at all and John Day is listed as a lieutenant. The officers listed for Leith are:
Naval Officer - James Bruce from 2 Jan 1804 (Again no record of any commissioned officers of this name)
Master Attendant - George Paterson (but not listed in the Masters for 1814, there is a William Patterson though)
Master Shipwright - S. Canham

The 1827 navy list gives:
John Day as Naval Officer from 5 June 1819
John Hoskins as Master Shipwright from 14 Dec 1824.

Re: Naval Officer at Leith

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:04 am
by Dean Morris
Thanks apology for confusing you about George Kingdom Day I had too many windows open a got his position wrong he was working at Haulbowline Island dockyard in 1814 as Naval Storekeeper then was promoted and took up a position at Sheerness Dockyard as Clerk of the Cheque not sure of date of that appointment on page 657 of the linked book source at the very bottom.

Source: The Navy List December 1814 p.132.
Source: ... rd&f=false