Captains of Brazilian civilian ships

Sailors that did not serve in the navies of the world, or who also went to sea in a private capacity.
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Captains of Brazilian civilian ships

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I'm trying to add the details of the captain of a Brazilian merchant ship but all the ranks available (in Portuguese) appear to be for naval use rather than civilian use. Is there a specific title used in Portuguese for the captain of a civilian ship?
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Re: Captains of Brazilian civilian ships

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Portuguese has the word capitão, but whether that was used for the manager of the crew of a merchant vessel is something you would have to look up in an English-Portuguese dictionary, preferably a large one that would specify the term used in the merchant marine. The Collins Portuguese Pocket Dictionary also gives capitão for "skipper. McKay's Modern Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese Dictionary (1943) gives both capitão and comandante de navio for "captain," but the second might just be an explanation; I would not want to take that as meaning that the first officers of merchant ships were addressed as "comandante de navio" or "comandante."

You might go to, sign up, and ask about this in the Portuguese forum. They don't have a specific Portuguese-English forum, but there are questions about Portuguese translations of English terms and some bilingual contributors.
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