Pierre Coulomb

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Pierre Coulomb

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Has anyone managed to sort out the Coulomb family tree? The page for Pierre-Blaise Coulomb attributes a number of ships to him from 1689 when it also states he was born in 1699! Pierre son of Blaise born 1699, appears to be the only Pierre Coulomb so cannot be the builder or designer of most of these ships unless he was a very precocious child nor can I find any specific reference for any other Coulomb than Laurent working at Lorient. Laurent died in 1696.

My interest is le Hazardeux. Ministère de la Marine records show the designer of le Hazardeux as F Coulomb, presumably François, not Pierre. It does not state who the builder was only that it was built at Lorient. However it is reasonably clear that Francois was Master Shipbuilder at Toulon at that time.

I believe that as Laurent was referred to as Père (father) Coulomb in marine circles that may have been misread as Pierre. However that still does not resolve the questions regarding builds attributed to Pierre Coulomb that could not have possibly been his.

As I'm about to publish the history of le Hazardeux, I'd welcome some clarity.
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