Indiaman KENT captured 1800

1800-1899. Although we usually stop around 1860. If it's got iron sides we aren't interested and steam engines are problematical.
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Indiaman KENT captured 1800

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Hello everybody,

On October 7th 1800 the Indiaman the "KENT"was captured after a fierce battle off Sand Heads (Bengal) by Robert Surcouf on the "CONFIANCE. Her captain, William RIVINGTON was killed. His second, my direct ancestor, John Essex HALL was taken as a prisoner-of-war and was back home 2 years later. I'm trying to find what happened to him during this time : where was he imprisoned, under which conditions, was he exchanged with an French officer or was a ransom paid ?
I would appreciate any hint that could drive me further in my research.

Thank you very much for your help and greetings from Brussels.

Revaquess (New on this forum :) )
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