Russian Fleet in the Mediterranean

1800-1899. Although we usually stop around 1860. If it's got iron sides we aren't interested and steam engines are problematical.
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Russian Fleet in the Mediterranean

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As well as Cy's new book on Royal navy officers, today at Helion we've also released this title covering the operations of the Russian fleet under Senyavin between 1805 and 1810: ... 3MpFlV2B1Y
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Re: Russian Fleet in the Mediterranean

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Senyavin deserves to be better known outside Russia. The British navy was not the only successful navy of the FRAN wars. The sneers of nastily hyperchauvinistic British officers (Collingwood: Senyavin's victory at Athos or Lemnos was "a sort of a battle"; the ineffectual Duckworth, rejecting Senyavin's help for another try after his repulse in the Dardannelles: "where a British fleet had failed, no other was likely to succeed") were hardly justified: if the Russians were due no credit for defeating the Turks, how much should the British have had for Cape St. Vincent? Senyavin was left out on a limb by sudden changes in Russian foreign policy. I will be looking forward to finishing my own books on the 1740s so that I will have time to read Northern Tars in Southern Waters (good titles are hard to find☺).
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