HMS Pomone, boat action at Cephalonia, 1809

1800-1899. Although we usually stop around 1860. If it's got iron sides we aren't interested and steam engines are problematical.
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HMS Pomone, boat action at Cephalonia, 1809

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Tuesday, 9 May 1809.
The British frigate HMS Pomone sails from South to North through the channel between the Island of Ithaca to the East, and the Island of Cephalonia to the West (Ionian Sea, now Greece). Both Islands were French territory.
HMS Pomone spots on the larboard side a settee anchored in a small bay in the Island of Cephalonia. Sents in the boats and opens covering fire.
The settee sailors call for help from the shore.
The inhabitants of the nearby village of Neochori run down to the bay fully armed.
A brisk exchange of musketry follows and the seaman John Reid is killed. The boats disengage.
HMS Pomone then continued North out of the channel.

TNA: ADM 51/1949 Captain's Log
NYHS: MS439 Lieut. Anthony Collins Stanton's Log
Historical Archive of Ithaca Island (Greece)

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