Italian Navy Sources

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Italian Navy Sources

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IN response to a request here is a selected list of the sources for Italian navies as listed on Three Decks.

by Virgilio Ilari & Piero Crociani, all available as pdf's in Italian: follow the links on ... rce_search
La Marina Italiana di Napoleone
La Marina Ligure di Napoleone 1797-1814
La Marina Napoletana di Murat (1806-15)

Vascelli e Fregate della Serenissima - Gruppo Modellistico Trentino di Studio e recerca storica In Italian
Venetian Ships and Shipbuilders of the Renaissance - Frederic Chapin Lane

There will be others.
Also a search on Three Decks itself will find a lot of info on Italian ships of the various disparate nation states. E.g. a search for Ligurian Republic vessels shows 19 vessels
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Re: Italian Navy Sources

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I listed a number of other sources in a reply to the "Portuguese Navy" thread before I saw this thread title.
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