Need information on HMS Wolf- 1731-1741

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Re: Need information on HMS Wolf- 1731-1741

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Three more TNA documents concerning the Wolf:

Reference: SP 78/225/74
Folio 213: John Draper to Thompson. Covering note. Charles Turner to [?]. Informs that he and other members of the crew of the Wolf were shipwrecked and rescued by the French and await repatriation.

Date and place: 1741 Apr 13 Brest.

Note: Copy Enclosed in f.207
Date: 1741 Apr 13

Reference: ADM 106/947/174
Philip Vanbrugh, Plymouth. Receipt of warrants to enter a servant to John Axford, a shipwright, two months' leave to the Pursers of the Royal Oak and the Canterbury. Also receipt of warrant from Commissioner Hughes on a contract made by William Rickman on behalf of Richard Tucker and Co. for Portland Stone. Yesterday a small French ship of war arrived from Brest with Captain Draper and his men, late belonging to the Wolf sloop.

Date: 28 Apr 1741

Reference: ADM 106/938/305
Richard Hughes, Portsmouth. Account of wages paid the Wolf Sloop, John Draper and the Roebuck, John Brett

Date: 14 June 1741
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Re: Need information on HMS Wolf- 1731-1741

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Appreciate all the information. Looks like the WOLF did have 3-pounders, as McLaughlan's book on another page says 3-pounders. My friend measured the cannon, and after realizing the bore measurement is not accurate due to corrosion, and the fact that the lengths are < than 5', it does look like they are 3-pounder cannon.

Other Royal Naval vessels I forgot to mention lost off Florida are the MENTOR, burned at Pensacola in 1781; the PALLAS, run ashore on St. Georges Island in 1757; the FLY, lost on Carysfort Reef in 1805; and the OTTER lost off Cape Canaveral in 1778. The EARL OF BUTE in 1777; BERMUDA in 1796 & the RACER in 1814 were listed lost in the "Gulf of Florida" so could be anywhere. None fit the time frame, area of the wreck, or type of the wreck though. Mentioned was the SALTASH being lost in the W. Indies in 1742 which does fit the time frame and type vessel, but other sources say it was lost off Portugal in 1742.

Still hunting down the original salvor to look at some other artifacts. Florida is basically shut down now, all boat ramps in my area closed so no way to investigate site for awhile. Doing my social distancing part. Stay safe!

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