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Hello everybody,

My direct ancestor John Essex HALL (Scarborough 1767 - Dunkirk 1826) sailed for the HEIC on various Indiamen. The Archives of the Company now kept by the British Library do not seem to have much on line about two of those ships : the THAMES and the last of the five ROYAL CHARLOTTE
I would be very interested in their Crew & Passengers Lists but cannot possibly made the travel from Brussels to London now in order to read those pages in the British Library.
Could anyone help me making sure my ancestor was on the THAMES from August 1796 till February 1789 (voyage to China) and on the ROYAL CHARLOTTE fromMarch 1802 till April 1803 (voyage to China) by checking for me or maybe sending me photos of the lists ?
I already thank you for your nice attention and send you greetings from Brussels.

Revaquess (new on this forum :) )
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