Schooner Julia aka Gertrudis aka Ceres

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Schooner Julia aka Gertrudis aka Ceres

Post by Grammont » Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:52 pm

In December 1826 the Spanish schooner Julia that was bound for Manzanilla de Cuba was forced to put into Belize harbour as it had been dismasted. Later in the same month it was sold and moored off Fort George as a hulk.

In August 1827 a Spaniard, Francisco Sans, in Havana, for $5000, purchased a schooner, Julia, from an American, James Francis. This ship was subsequently remained Gertrudis and detained, with 155 slaves on board, on 12 January 1828 by HMS Black Joke. The ship was subsequently condemned by the British and Spanish Court of Mixed Commission at Sierra Leone and sold at auction. Now renamed Ceres and under Brazilian ownership and colours, and still operating as a slave ship, with 279 slaves on board, it was detained by HMS Plumper on 6 August 1829 and once again condemned at Sierra Leone.

In a list of Spanish slave ships that sailed from Havana for Africa in 1836, a schooner, Julia, is shown as making one voyage.

Whilst everything in the 2nd paragraph can be linked as it was given as evidence at the Courts of Mixed Commission at Sierra Leone, what is the likelihood that the schooner(s) Julia mentioned in the 1st and 3rd paragraphs is also the same ship?

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