Anyone willing to help design a brand new ship?

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Anyone willing to help design a brand new ship?

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So I got down this rabbit hole of ships research because I'm in a Pathfinder game where we have taken to sea on a voyage. When I asked my DM for information on what the details of the ship were she admitted she never even thought of it. So here I am trying to design a ship for the game.

The HMS Parisuka Beyond is an exploration and research vessel that we will be on for the majority of the campaign. It was described to be similar to ships from the age of sail but of clinker construction. So I figured with its size it could be some kind of 3 masted frigate. This link is to a WIP statistics page I made for it: ... sp=sharing

What I am hoping you experts on wargames and ships could help me with is choosing/finding a historical ship close enough in design and shape to use as a template in making the ships blueprints. If not we could have some fun in designing one from scratch.

The biggest difference from this ship and real life ships is that my DM has made it so most of the propulsion and other navigation of the ship is all magical. It still has masts and sails but we wanted to make those able to lower down into the deck when not in use. (Not sure if that is actually feasible but its fun to try.)

Please lend me a hand in designing this fantasy ship.
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