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Danish warships Paint schemes

Posted: Wed Feb 26, 2020 8:28 pm
by Reorx1dk
I'm looking for paintings/pictures show the paintschemes of Danish warships from 1750 to 1808 especially Brigs, frigats and SOLs

Re: Danish warships Paint schemes

Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 5:58 pm
by Navclio
Try (accessed October 5, 2008), under “Denmark-Norway,” “Denmark-Norway Pictures” for a painting of SOL Odin of 1788. That's he only Danish warship picture in my collection.

Keep in mind that paintings might or might not show the actual colors. If the artist saw the ship "in the flesh," so to speak, he probably reproduced the actual colors. If he painted from plans, or if he included ship in a portrait of an officer, he might have used a "typical" paint scheme from his knowledge and experience, if he was also a marine painter, but if he was a portraitist he might not have known much about the details and simply have used a conventional or common color scheme without any reference to the ship's actual color, or even to its actual appearance. :(

There might be descriptions of paint schemes for the Danish ships of the 1801 Battle of Copenhagen in British accounts of the battle, as there are for French ships at the Battle of the Nile.

Re: Danish warships Paint schemes

Posted: Fri Feb 28, 2020 10:46 pm
by Cy
Sailing warships url changed a while ago, the image is now at

Re: Danish warships Paint schemes

Posted: Sat Feb 29, 2020 10:34 am
by Reorx1dk
do you now where I might find such battle acounts??

Re: Danish warships Paint schemes

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2020 2:48 am
by Navclio
I don't know what you mean by "such battle accounts," since none have been mentioned in this thread.

Naval battles involving the Danish navy are described in English in R[oger] C[harles] Anderson, Naval Wars in the Baltic during the Sailing-Ship Epoch, 1522–1850 (London: G. Gilbert-Wood, 1910).

There is undoubtedly more detail in H[ans] G[eorg] Garde, Efterretninger om den danske og norske Søemagt (4 vols.; Copenhagen: Privately published (J.D. Qvist, printer), 1832–35).

A recent history of the Danish navy is Hans Christian Bjerg, A History of the Royal Danish Navy, 1510–2010 (Copenhagen: Statens Forsvars Historiske Museum, 2010). Since this covers the same content as Garde, plus the period since 1832, in only one volume instead of four, it would undoubtedly be less detailed. You could look up Bjerg in WorldCat ( to see whether there is a Danish-language version.

There is undoubtedly specialist literature in Danish, including biographies of eminent admirals like Niels Juel.

Most Danish naval battles of the sail era were against the Swedes, so Swedish naval histories would have information about them, too:

C[arl] A[ugust B.] Gyllengranat, Sveriges sjökrigs-historia (2 vols.; Carlskrona: Georg Ameen & Comp., 1840).

Otto Emil Lybeck, et al., eds., Svenska flottans historia: Örlogsflottan i ord och bild från dess grundläggning under Gustav Vasa fram till våra dagar (4 vols.; Malmö: A.-B. Allhems förlag, 1942–49) is a massive work that covers ship design and building, administration, weapons, and much more, but does have chapters on naval operations and battles.

Gunnar Unger, Illustrerad svensk sjöhistoria (2 vols.; Stockholm: Albert Bonniers Förlag, 1923) was originally written by a naval history professor at the Swedish naval academy for his students.

Biographies of Swedish admirals of the 17th century would also have to have information about the battles they fought against the Danish navy.