Minor Correction on James Saumarez

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Minor Correction on James Saumarez

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I see your entry for Admiral James Saumarez is headed "Lord James Saumarez." According to the usage of his time (and ours), he would be James, Lord Saumarez, or in full, James Saumarez, Baron de Saumarez. "Lord James" would mean that he was the younger son of a duke or marquess, but he was a baron in his own right (see his entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography).This kind of confusion is very common, but if we want this website to be accurate we need to remember the rules.
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Re: Minor Correction on James Saumarez

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I am aware of the distinction, but the software isn't.

One day I might find time to rewrite that part of the system and update the data to allow the display to be amended.

But it's not going to happen overnight.
OK, it was me, probably!
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