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Creating a reddit page

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I am new here and also only recently became fascinated with warfare in the age of sail. I picked up a book about Trafalgar and then one about Nelson and have been obsessed with the lives/careers of these men and their ships ever since.

As part of my voyage through internet forums which led me to find this site, I was surprised to find that there is very little presence of Nelson/the age of sail royal navy on Reddit. There is an r/ageofsail, which has 350ish people but isn't very active or moderated, but nothing specific to the Navy. In comparison, r/Napoleon has 20,000 members.

I want to start a reddit page to create and share content in regard to Naval life and warfare in the age of sail - and am posting this here to canvas for volunteers to help me moderate it. I'd be particularly keen to hear from anyone who has experience creating content for and moderating other reddit pages. Or anyone who is keen enough to post regularly on reddit.

My current thought is to use the subreddit name r/nelsonsnavy, based on the way I started searching for a subreddit, but if anyone has any brilliant ideas for an apt alternative name I'd be happy to hear it.

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