War by Sail released!

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War by Sail released!

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War by Sail is now released!


This project relied heavily on the resources here at threedecks, so thanks to everyone who maintains and contributes to this site!


War by Sail is a simple yet comprehensive age of sail wargame, aimed at small fleet actions of 3 to 30 ships per side, with a focus on historical accuracy and flavor.

Researched and playtested for 10 months, War by Sail includes detailed ship rosters for 20 different conflicts, spanning from 1563 to 1812. Generic units are also provided for the 1300 - 1550 period.

A Generic ship list is given for each period (such as "Third Rate", "Fourth Rate" etc.), as well as individual named ships (over 1,700 in total!), showing each ship's weaponry, size, maneuverability and suchlike. Get ready to learn how many Demi-Cannons and Culverins your favorite 17th century English ship had...

War by Sail emphasizes crew quality and morale, as well as real tactics of the periods, and carefully reflects changes in naval technology throughout the centuries.
Tom Jensen - ostfrontpublishing.com
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