Brig Switfsure

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Brig Switfsure

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British mechant brig SWIFTSURE of 337t since 1816 in UK French built
sank in 1829 when sailed from Sydney to Mauritius ... maid-2.pdf

London Courier and Evening Gazette - Monday 17 January 1825
Yesterday the brig Swiftsure, Captain Tilly (belonging to the Anglo-Mexican Mine Company), sailed for the Havannah and Vera Cruz. She took on board a quantity of quicksilver, for working the silver ore, in the Mexican mines. She is a fine vessel, and was an object curiosity whilst here, as it was in her that Buonaparte made his escape from Elba.

According to some sources she was Napoleon's INCONSTANT on which the Emperor escaped from Elba,
but according to Demirlac INCONSTANT served till 1843.

Any ideas about origins of SWIFTSURE . According to sale advertisement she was built 1810 at Bordeaux as a corvette.
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